Social media is here to stay. You may be wondering how to best leverage the power of social media in your marketing needs for your outdoor or legal recreational business.  A quick search shows social media management has grown into a field of its own, with ever-changing algorithms, trends, and evolving systems; a far cry from simply posting and sharing with your network of friends. If you want to succeed in the online marketing space for your outdoor business, you have to get a handle on social media. Unfortunately, it often means doing constant research, acquiring deep knowledge, and in many cases, dedicating full time staff if you want to see results.

Let’s explore a few key points that show why social media is a critical piece of your marketing efforts.

Customers Are Social Creatures

We live in a digital age, and your business should have a digital presence. In this space, customers connect, create communities, share opinions and experiences, and form preferences. Through this medium, word of mouth becomes your best tool for spreading your message as a result of satisfied customers. As your followers share content, tag your account, or retweet your post, they’re helping you reach a larger, more receptive pool of potential customers than you ever could through non-digital networking. These online communities translate into increased interactions that are more intimate, immediate, and powerful. Through polls, sharing feedback, sharing photos or hosting contests, your business creates a solid customer base built on genuine interest.

Brand Recognition, Traffic, and SEO

Building brand recognition, increasing traffic, and improving SEO rankings are social media’s greatest strengths. Beyond overall traffic, the Google algorithm takes into account the ‘social signals’ to determine your expertise and relevancy in your field. By encouraging traffic to your website from your social media marketing efforts, you build your organic search rankings.

Why You Should Hire A Social Media Agency

By now you’re probably convinced that your outdoor or recreational business needs a social media marketing strategy.  You also recognize that it involves a steep learning curve, is time-consuming, and can be daunting. This is where a social media marketing agency can be a solution.

Time Is Money

Having a marketing strategy on social media yields massive payoffs. You can maximize your return on investment by hiring a social media management agency, which brings a team of professionals who already know exactly what they’re doing at your command. A qualified social media marketing agency that specializes in the outdoor and recreational industry has their finger on the pulse of said industry, and has the necessary software and systems in place to operate your social media marketing effectively.

In-House or Outsource? 

Maybe you’ve thought about assigning an existing employee to be your outdoor business’s social media manager, or hiring someone with the social media expertise to join your team. Both of these options have drawbacks. Your existing employee already knows your brand and business, however they will require significant training to operate your social media effectively, which you will have to oversee. Special software and systems will need to be purchased or created. Their current responsibilities will need to be given to someone else. Bringing in a social media expert also requires oversight and management, as well as the investment that comes with hiring a new employee, including onboarding and training. Social media needs may change, varying the amount of time this new employee may spend managing your social media needs. Sometimes it may be enough to justify a full-time position; sometimes it may require a couple of hours a day.

Expertise Is Everything

Social media is forever changing, as is the outdoor industry. An agency dedicated solely to social media management makes it their business to stay on top of trends and best practices. Social media management is done with a team approach, where multiple levels of oversight and expertise create content, place ads, and manage metrics, with an eye on both the social media space and the peculiarities of the outdoor industry. If your business cannot afford a team of 2-4 dedicated social media employees, a professional social media agency is your best bet. It takes an agency with extensive expertise and knowledge in the outdoor industry to provide clients with a proper social media marketing campaign. Eco Planet Media offers a full team of experts in both social media and the outdoor industry to bring tailored solutions to your marketing needs. Eco Planet Media has been providing branding website design, ecommerce, social media management and digital marketing for over 20 years.

If you want to take your outdoor or recreational business to the next level through strategic, impactful social media marketing, get in touch with us at 303-653-9855.