As an entrepreneur, you want to draw people to your brand in droves.  The better your marketing message and strategy are, the stronger your ability will be to reach consumers looking for what you have to offer, and the better positioned you’ll be to reach those who don’t yet know they want to find you.  These seven tactics will help you create a powerful platform from which to launch your message. 

1.  Be Easy To Remember and Hard To Forget

What do you stand for? What do you want your brand to be remembered for?  Everything you do as a business creates your reputation in the industry over time, so make decisions with an eye to the future.  Make sure your name is easy to spell and pronounce.  If it’s too common, change it up a bit by adding a nickname or some sort of identifier that ties into your business.  Your domain name can also reflect what you do or what results your products or services deliver to your customers.  Make sure the name flows and is easy on the ear.

2. Develop a Strong Website

Make your website work for you by mastering email capture, contact information, layout, copy-writing, graphics, visual aids, and navigability.  And never neglect substance, which is made up by content that engages, inspires, and informs your visitors.  Update your content often, invite guest bloggers, and invite your visitors to share your site with others.

3.  Learn Copywriting

Strategically fashioned words have power, so make them work for you.   Copywriting is the form of writing is used by publicists and advertisers to reach billions of consumers across the globe, and learning how to do it yourself will be a huge asset to your operation.  There are many resources available to help you master this skill.  If you lack the time to learn it, hire it out, but don’t neglect it. 

4. Use Visual Aids

Appeal to the consumer’s photographic memory with the right visual aids to enhance your brand.  Your social media and websites should be emblazoned with images, smart presentations, and videos of events, products, and concepts that showcase your business and what you’re about.  Trust is key between consumer and business, and in marketing, seeing is believing.  Without visual aids, it’s harder to engender that trust. 

5. Leverage Social Media

While most social media platforms are free, the fact that most people fail to use them correctly for branding purposes cancels out this benefit due to lost potential revenue.  We can all agree that sharing others’ content, videos, articles, quotes, and stories is one of the great things of being on social media, especially when it pertains to your industry.  The problem with this approach is that you’re essentially marketing other people’s content for them, not your own.  Leverage this exposure by creating your own content and sharing it with the word, building your reputation in your field with each post.  Strive to be fluent in at least three of your social media accounts.  Decide what type of content does best on which platform, and only share content that benefits your business. 

6.  Share Your Back Story

What’s a back story, you ask? Simply, it’s a narrative that tells where you came from, and why you’re doing what you’re doing.  This gives your customers valuable information to help them make informed decisions.  Your back story provides transparency and relatedness to your customer base, paving the way for a deeper emotional connection with them.  It adds a sense of authenticity to your marketing message.  Your back story should support and enhance everything you market and the message you’re sharing, including credentials, testimonials, and biographies, so that it can effectively set up your front story, which is the moment when you present your product or service to the consumer.

7. Write a Book (In your spare time)

Publishing a book lends credibility.  Chances are you already know enough about your industry to publish an e-book or report that your customer base will appreciate.  A book has the potential to spread far and wide, allowing new opportunities to present themselves for your business growth.  There are many resources available to teach you how to write, publish, and market your book.  If you lack time, you can also outsource this task and its different phases depending on your needs.  From research, to ghost-writing the actual content, to editing, publishing, and finally, marketing, there are many professional writers that can help you become a published author in your industry.  The benefits of publishing a book are long-lasting and far-reaching, and it is a tactic well worth considering investing in.

Establishing your brand is about having well-oiled gears in all aspects of your marketing plan, with each component sharing a message that is congruent with your grander vision.   Analyze where in your business you can improve on your already existing strategy, or brainstorm about how you can grow into a new way of doing things.  Our team of experts can help you hone your plan and sharpen your vision. 

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